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Plot Summary

Fox Mulder was once one of the most gifted criminal profilers working at the FBI. But after years of searching, he gradually became obsessed with the disappearance of his younger sister when they were children. Believing her abduction to be the work of aliens, Mulder's off the wall theories consumed him, and isolated him from his peers. After taking charge of the X-Files - an umbrella term for unsolved and unexplained cases - he became a figure of ridicule, relegated to the basement of FBI headquarters.

Suspicious of Mulder and anxious about what he may or may not discover, his superiors assigned another agent to watch over him: Dana Scully, chosen for her background in science and her analytical, skeptical point of view. However, while Scully was meant to debunk his work, she developed a deep friendship with Mulder, and became sympathetic to his cause.

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In Comics

The X-Files television series spawned a number of comic book adaptations and spin-offs, including:


The series also led to two full length feature films:


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