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An exclusive rundown of the top 100 sexiest women in comics as presented by Brent Frankenhoff, the editor of Comic Buyer's Guide and an expert collector of comics for nearly 40 years.

The complete rundown, from top to bottom (links in Characters section below):

  1. Red Sonja (Dynamite, originally Marvel)
  2. Death of the Endless (Vertigo)
  3. Jean Grey (Marvel)
  4. Zatanna (DC)
  5. Emma Frost (Marvel)
  6. Wonder Woman (DC)
  7. Witchblade - Sara Pezzini (Top Cow)
  8. Venus (Marvel)
  9. Power Girl (DC)
  10. Rogue (Marvel)
  11. She-Hulk (Marvel)
  12. Leetah (ElfQuest)
  13. Supergirl (DC)
  14. Scarlet Witch (Marvel)
  15. Ghost (Dark Horse)
  16. Harley Quinn (DC)
  17. Barbara Gordon - Batgirl (DC)
  18. Shadow Lass (DC)
  19. Wonder Girl - Donna Troy (DC)
  20. Starfire - Koriand'r (DC)
  21. Poison Ivy (DC)
  22. Elektra (Marvel)
  23. Catwoman (DC)
  24. Silk Spectre (DC)
  25. Talia al Ghul (DC)
  26. Black Canary - Dinah Lance (DC)
  27. Black Cat - Felicia Hardy (Marvel)
  28. Clea (Marvel)
  29. Ms. Marvel - Carol Danvers (Marvel)
  30. Storm (Marvel)
  31. Black Widow - Natasha Romanova (Marvel)
  32. Fury - Lyta Hall (DC)
  33. Triplicate Girl (now Duplicate Girl) (DC)
  34. Jade (DC)
  35. Vampirella (Dynamite, originally Warren)
  36. Star Sapphire - Carol Ferris (DC)
  37. Cassie Hack (Image)
  38. Emerald Empress (DC)
  39. Lady Death (Eternity)
  40. Hopey Glass (Love & Rockets)
  41. Black Cat - Linda Turner (Harvey)
  42. Huntress - Helena Wayne (DC)
  43. Mary Jane Watson (Marvel)
  44. Carrie Stetko (Whiteout)
  45. Valkyrie - Liselotte von Schellendorf (Airboy)
  46. Aspen Matthews - Fathom (Top Cow)
  47. Light Lass (now Lightning Lass) (DC)
  48. Lady Blackhawk (DC)
  49. Phantom Lady - Sandra Knight (DC)
  50. Saturn Girl (DC)
  51. Agatha Heterodyne (Girl Genius)
  52. P'Gell (DC - The Spirit)
  53. Shanna the She-Devil (Marvel)
  54. Spider-Woman - Jessica Drew (Marvel)
  55. Jaka (Cerebus)
  56. Leeja Clane (Magnus: Robot Fighter)
  57. Katy Keene (Archie)
  58. Little Annie Fanny (Playboy)
  59. Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
  60. Luba (Love & Rockets)
  61. Tigra (Marvel)
  62. Thundra (Marvel)
  63. Liberty Belle - Libby Lawrence (DC)
  64. Silver St. Cloud (DC)
  65. Valkyrie - Brunnhilde (Marvel)
  66. Betty Cooper (Archie)
  67. Firebrand - Danette Reilly (DC)
  68. Jarella (Marvel)
  69. Katchoo (Strangers in Paradise)
  70. Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim)
  71. Lori Lemaris (DC)
  72. Silk Satin (DC - The Spirit)
  73. Sand Saref (DC - The Spirit)
  74. Maggie Chascarillo (Love & Rockets)
  75. Big Barda (DC)
  76. Namora (Marvel)
  77. Josie McCoy (Archie)
  78. Lois Lane (DC)
  79. Rulah the Jungle Goddess (Fox)
  80. Hawkgirl (DC)
  81. Mera (DC)
  82. Cherry Poptart (Cherry Comics)
  83. Dazzler (Marvel)
  84. Lady Luck (DC)
  85. Invisible Woman (Marvel)
  86. Francine (Strangers in Paradise)
  87. Veronica Lodge (Archie)
  88. Elasti-Girl (DC)
  89. Gwen Stacy (Marvel)
  90. Millie the Model (Marvel)
  91. Lana Lang (DC)
  92. Cheryl Blossom (Archie)
  93. Vicki Vale (DC)
  94. Wasp - Janet Van Dyne (Marvel)
  95. Patsy Walker - Hellcat (Marvel)
  96. Phantom Girl (DC)
  97. Torchy Todd (Quality)
  98. Blonde Phantom (Marvel)
  99. Mantis (Marvel)
  100. Harlequin - Molly Mayne Scott (DC)


Most characters by publisher:

  • DC Comics: 41
  • Marvel Comics: 24
  • Archie Comics: 5
  • Dynamite Entertainment: 3
  • Fantagraphics: 3
  • Abstract Studio: 2
  • Oni Press: 2
  • Top Cow: 2

Oldest character to appear on the list:

  • #59 Sheena (first appearance September 1938)

Newest character to appear on the list:

  • #70 Ramona Flowers (first appearance July 2004)


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bullsh!t 0

not one woman of color and the one you did put is #30!?? granted some of these characters I am not that familiar with, but the top 20 are all white women, BYEEEE!!!!just a constant reminder of where we all stand as far as beauty is concerned, not to mention all these women are mostly sexuaized LOL this was clearly white straight men...

1 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Black cat the hottest character ever 0

Black cat should be number 1, she is the most hottest character. Black Cat is just hot and sexy, she has been like that throughout the years. She is oversexualized, visually and character-wise, to a pretty decent degree. It is an aspect to her character however, and not simply another idealized female representation gone overboard. When every superheroine/villainess is shown as having really long legs or large breasts or a protruding backside that cries of oversexualization can have a point....

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

Not that sexy 0

First of all, Death isn't sexy at all... sorry. She doesn't deserve #2. And second of all, where's Psylocke on this list? Too many head scratchers on this one. If you're going to make a list with the top sexist women in comics it's OK to rank them based on how good their bodies look....

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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